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I am a designer and mentor with over 20 years of industry experience. As a leader in the internet industry, I have worked with the W3C to establish web standards and regularly speak at conferences like SXSW. I am currently an adjunct professor in Interactive Digital Media at Drexel University where I teach classes on experience design and creativity.

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Jason has been a top rated speaker at many Modev conferences and events. His ability to take concepts and ideas and relate them to a specific audience is a special gift and I look forward to seeing this capability blossom as he moves forward in his career. The fact that he is always working on the next book or workshop idea and following through on them is testament that Jason believes that our ideas are meant to be shared- a trait that will make any attendee, co-worker, company and industry all the better. I am happy that I've had the privilege to work with and get to know Jason and recommend that others do the some. Pete Erickson, Founder, CEO
Jason is an amazingly knowledgeable designer, and takes great pleasure in teaching what he knows to others. As design lead I found him to be not only a good resource for direction and strategy as it related to my projects, but also for me personally as a designer. He's always eager to teach and offer advice, but he knows when to step back and let a designer trust his own instincts. That's an uncommon trait, and a welcome one. Travis Ely, User Experience Designer
Jason is an experienced design leader. He is passionate about catalyzing the creative growth of his colleagues and the broader community. I particularly appreciate the joy and humor he brings to his work. I've benefited tremendously from Jason's creative judgment and would love to collaborate with him again in the future. Michael Mossoba, Innovation Lead
Jason certainly and repeatedly proved he has the ability to conceive and execute killer online user experiences. And what is most impressive about Jason is his clear role as a thought leader in the realm of Web standards. He firmly believes in technology and design elegantly coming together for consumers and is the real deal relative to how to leverage CSS and code to achieve excellence in the presentation layer. Related to this, part of his job was to train our teams in how to code designs cleanly. Peter Rivera, Digital Strategist and Chief Experience Officer